Thuthugani Contractors


Thuthugani Contractors have a sound business practice and proven track record dating back to 1999. With a reliable base of competence in Silviculture, Fire Protection, Conservation and Managerial services, we are well respected in our field of proficiency.

Thuthugani considers itself to be a leader in precision forestry techniques in South Africa and nutures a culture of innovation in it’s skilled employees. These employees have considerable experience in mechanised silvicultural operations and have partnered with clients to transform their operations in this space from a more traditional labour intensive approach.

Given our focus on mechanised operations we prioritise health and safety to ensure the protection of our people. This is institutionalised by the extensive policies and procedures we have in place as well as the skilled staff we hire to specifically monitor compliance throughout the organisation. Non- compliance is strictly dealt with through disciplinary procedures.

We believe in growing together step by step and have excellent relationships with our customers.

Why Thuthugani?


Thuthugani has been operating within the NOSA 5 Star safety standards.

We Are Forestry & Agricultural Project Management Specialists.

Current Contracts

Mondi Forests Paulpietersburg plantations including Utrecht.


BEE Statement

Thuthugani Contractors are a level 2 QSE and actively encourage black ownership through both our employees trust as well as providing funding for individual senior managers to buy into the company on an individual basis.

The company spends a significant amount on training and upskilling it’s labour force to be capable of utilising innovative technologies in the area of precision forestry.