Arbor-Care believes in true broad based economic empowerment through employee participation in ownership of our trading entities. This happens through either senior individuals taking part in their own capacity, or via two employees’ trusts which provide profit distributions to qualifying employees.

Given that our businesses in forestry, agriculture and landscaping are closely tied to the communities that we live and operate within, we focus on uplifting the local communities with improved social development which has resulted in a reduction of arson based fires as well as an increase in productivity in our forestry plantations.

The employee trusts have been a great mechanism to share equity with those who help create and they also foster loyalty within our employee base.

We always aim to source our staff from the areas adjacent to those we operate in. This way brings economic benefits to some of those that are disempowered through lack of access to markets.

Skills shortages and resource gaps are addressed as a part of our external training in collaboration with our clients. We have also partnered with Fort Cox to provide student learnerships and in service training as an additional way for improving the skills of unemployed learners. A number of joint venture partnerships have also been entered into with the idea of previously disadvantaged individuals being able to have improved access to markets and skills transfer.

Over the years we have developed targeted employees into suppliers or subcontractors who now have their own staff complement. We have also partnered with youth owned companies without prior silvicultural experience who are now responsible for their own plantations.  We assist through monthly mentorship meetings as well as sharing resources to assist with their growth.

Although we work in a male-dominated sector, we have focused strongly on hiring women to support those who most need it in our tough economic conditions.  Three of our entities are more than 51% black South African owned and have been since 2008.  This is a testament to our commitment to economic transformation and skills transfer in South Africa.  Our hope is that we see an inclusive economy where all South Africans can participate with equal access to opportunities.

B-BBEE Level

  • Siyakhula Level 2
  • Thuthugani Level 2
  • Idube Landscaping Level 3