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With devotion to modern and natural African landscapes, we create award-winning landscapes and offer a complete end-to-end service.


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Established in 1988 and with a proven track record that goes back more than 30 years, makes partnering with the Arbor Care Group a logical choice. The Arbor-care Group has a wealth of experience in successfully managing and delivering forestry, landscaping and agricultural projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We ensure your Project’s Growth by understanding your challenges, and by investing as much care into your project as you do. We understand your problems. We thrive on challenges. We invest as much care into your project as you do.

Our country is unique – with its own climate, uncertain infrastructure, unknown suppliers, and agricultural practices and local cultures that are worlds apart from your field of expertise. It is what we do and how we do it that has made us an industry leader.

Why Arbor-care Group?

Since 1988, Arbor-care Group has:

  • Planted/re-established more than 140 000 hectares of timber.
  • Performed weed control on over 400 000 hectares of land.
  • Pruned over 40 000 hectares of pine plantations.
  • Managed the planting of 135 000 hectares for various clients.





Group Divisions


It makes sense to partner with a forestry project management expert like Arbor Care Group. Established in 1988, Arbor Care Group has a proven track record for intensive, hands-on management of forestry and agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.


Idube Landscaping

Idube Landscaping operates out of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, providing creative, environmentally-friendly landscaping solutions to a range of commercial clients, as well as for residential estates and golf courses.


Siyakhula Contractors

Siyakhula Forestry Contractors have a sound business practice and proven track record dating back to 1999. With a reliable base of competence in Silviculture, Fire Protection, Conservation and Managerial services, we are well respected in our field of proficiency.


Thuthugani Contractors

Thuthugani Contractors have a sound business practice and proven track record dating back to 1999. With a reliable base of competence in Silviculture, Fire Protection, Conservation and Managerial services, we are well respected in our field of proficiency.



Thuthugani has been operating as a silviculture contractor within our Dumbe Area since 2011, being responsible for all silviculture, conservation, fire protection as well as firefighting activities. During this time they have impressed us as being a very committed and professional contractor, constantly innovating to improve their operation, but never compromising on safety. Their safety record for the past 2 years needs special mention, with zero recordable incidents recorded. I would recommend Thuthugani as a contractor. They are a good partner to have on board.

Mark Prigge

Area Manager: Dumbe

NCT Forestry Co-operative Limited

It is my pleasure to submit this letter of reference to Thuthugani Contractors. I have known and dealt with the Directors of this organisation over many years and in a number of guises. In the mid-1980s I first made acquaintance with them under the name of Arbor-Care when I was employed as the Safcol Area Manager for the St Lucia District in Zululand. We employed Arbor- Care as our primary silvicultural contractor on Nyalazi plantation and were well- rewarded given that Arbor-Care was ahead of its time with the innovations that they brought to the forestry industry in terms of herbicide applications, labour relations, operational planning and result monitoring. Coupled to the robust operational service provision their financial prudence added mutual benefit to the professional relationship that developed and maintained for well on a decade.

Rob Thompson

Assistant General Manager


Thuthugani Contractors was contracted to Singisi Forest Products in both the Umtata and Singisi areas for the period September 2001 to December 2004. The contracts covered the various silviculture, fire protection and open area management operations. During this period their services were conducted in a very professional manner, and in doing so meeting our operational, FSC and Nosa requirements. Thuthugani Contractors is lead by a professional management team with strong business ethics and integrity. I do recommend them to any organisation in their field of expertise.

Marius Jonker

Forest Manager


I have worked with Thuthugani Contractors for three years now. Ther are responsible for the establishment, maintenance and fire protection and are most professional in all aspects of their operations and I will highly recommend them.

Allen Ingles

Area Manager

Cornubia Mall

As the Project Managers on the Cornubia Mall development SIP Project Managers have had the pleasure to work with iDube Landscaping while completing the works for our Client, I Investec Properties. iDube Landscaping was appointed by Tongaat Hulett Developments to install the road verges and surrounding landscaping that bordered the mall development. As such iDube Landscaping was not appointed directly under our management but has been immensely cooperative in terms of us achieving a complete product, at hand over to our Client. Their commitment was exceptional and work was performed under difficult conditions, including rain and at times, late at night. Even under these conditions, the quality of the work has been of the highest level and have been maintained immaculately to this day. The opening of Cornubia Mall would not have been such a success without the kind assistance and dedication by Billy Blackbeard and his team. We remain grateful and look forward to working with iDube Landscapes in the coming future.

MC Pelser

SIP Project Managers

Komatiland Forests

Herewith find confirmation that Siyakhula Zumda JV is rendering services for Komatiland Forests Roburnia Plantation for a period of three years starting 26 June 2018. During the period in which services have been rendered thus far, they have maintained adherence to OHS Act and NOSA. They treat their workforce as per Labour Relations Act and maintain their fleet according to National Traffic Act. They maintain good management over their operations and are quick to adapt to seasonal work fluctuations. Additional work instructions due to unforeseen circumstances are quickly addressed and incorporated into work plan. They adhere to Komatiland Forests’ Best Operating Practises and address any quality and production shortcomings immediately if or when they occur.

Willem du Toit

Plantation Manager, Roburnia Plantation


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